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The motor test bench

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The idea

We bought for the FriFoil project several motors on the internet. The motors came with a very little documentation about their performance. The problem was obvious that we needed those so that we could choose the right propeller for the boat. The budget was to thigh to get our motors tested by others. So, we had to build our own motor test bench.

The process

We borrow a torque meter from the HEIA-FR. We designed and fabricated all the parts that were needed to proceed the tests.

The how

The motor needed to be tested on different operating points. Normally this is done with an electric break. We couldn't get such one with the given budget. Therefore a mountain bike's break has been mounted on our bench. The idea was to watch on the sensors monitor the torque that was measured and to get it gradually higher and higher to cover the all range. An Arduino was saving all the measurement data to be able to study the motor's performance afterwards.

The results

The results that were obtained were good. We could then get the right system for the boat.

The results of the global project can be viewed on

With that project we could characterize our motors with a very affordable home made test bench. That idea could be used on any motors.

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1 Comment

Hello, I am an engineering student who needs to create a small test bench. I like your idea and wanted to know if you had something to measure and/or regulate the force or torque of the brake? Thanks.

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